Customer Care

Customer Care First of all, I'd like to personally thank you for being a customer. It never escapes me for a moment that you have many coffee roasters to choose from. Whether you are a commercial customer ordering large volumes of coffee weekly, or an individual coffee connoisseur ordering just a pound or two at a time, your business matters to do your opinions and even concerns, both of which I value.

Please feel welcomed to contact me with any concern, suggestion or question. Your feedback has inestimable value to me. If you wish, I'll even speak with you personally. Again, thank you for being a customer.

Yours' sincerely,

Thomas Shutts,

Privacy & Safety

One of the reasons that we decided to build the Rocketwerx website with WIX was that they offered built in SECURE credit card processing. We want our customers to feel that their private information remains just that: PRIVATE. You'll note that even the PayPal feature processes your personal data off site.

As for Rocketwerx, we do not log, keep or share any personal, professional or contact information with anyone.

Wholesale Inquiries

Although the Rocketwerx retail website is new, we have been providing the highest quality wholesale coffees to commercial customers for many years. Whether your Restaurant or Cafe' goes through large, modest or even relatively small volumes of coffee, each commercial customer receives our absolute and full attention and respect.

Would you like to arrange for a cupping session or even a tour of our roasting facility? Are you in need of barista training, advice on equipment or equipment repair? Whatever you need to create a first-rate coffee experience for you r customers, we can help!

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