Our Special Blend Sampler Kit contains four carefully selected 1/2 lb coffees from around the world. This kit includes:

  1. The Mocha Azteca is a lightly roasted blend of our exceptionally rare Yemen Natural with a Brazilian Cerrado Natural. The result is a Sweet, Chocolaty coffee with hints of Mango, Brazil Nut and Caramel. The Acidity is mild to medium but never bright. This is an extremely versatile coffee that works well as an espresso, pour-over or even with a French Press.
  2. Our House Special is a blend of our favorite Nicaraguan Caturra Varietal from a family owned Cafe’ Vidita farms in Nicaragua. This Honey processed coffee is blended with coffees from the Mogiana and Cerrado regions in Brazil and in season Honduran wet processed coffees. The result is a deeply flavorful blend that is naturally sweet with overtones of Milk Chocolate, Vanilla, Caramel and Brazil Nut. You will find our House Special to be a spectacular breakfast coffee!
  3. The Double Dog Dare! This oddly named blend just so happens to be our all-time #1 seller! It’s original name was the Kaffa-Cusco after the ancient kingdoms of Kaffa (Ethiopia) and Cusco (Peru). This coffee is a blend of an Ethiopian Natural (typically from Yirgacheffe or Guji regions) and a washed Peruvian Arabica. The combination of flavors are just outstanding with overtones of Strawberries and Cream. Add to that you’ll taste Chocolate and Nut. This is an extraordinary coffee blend that we know you’ll love. In fact, We Double Dog Dare you find a better coffee blend anywhere!
  4. The Deep Mocha. This is our special blend of coffees from Yemen and Brazil. The Deep Mocha is roasted into a full Italian development that brings out Dark Chocolate and Caramel overtones with Sweet Mango and Nut undertones. Complex and delicious

The Special Blend Sampler Kit is a great place to start your Rocketwerx Coffee Roasters journey. Each coffee is expertly prepared and shipped just hours after roasting directly to your door!

Makes a great gift! This Sampler Kit can be sent anywhere in the continental United States. If you have friends and family that love coffee the way that you love coffee then this Sampler Kit will make a great gift! Just be sure to include the name and address of the recipient when you order. We’ll do the rest.


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