The Deep Mocha is our Italian Roast version of the Mocha Azteca. I’ve recently upgraded this wonderful coffee by blending in our Yemen Mocha Kholani with a lovely Brazillian Cerado Natural. The result is a sweeter version that features a Dark Chocolate overtone with hints of tropical fruit and a sweet nuttiness.  Well balance, medium acidity and complex, the Deep Mocha does exceptionally well as a French Press!

About each coffee that makes up the Deep Mocha:

The Mocca Kholani comes from small family farmers in the Sana’ region in the Yemen highlands. This coffee is grown in small terraced plots, hand picked and sun dried on raised bed on rooftops overlooking the terraces. This heirloom coffee produces small, compact coffee beans that require a delicate touch when roasting. Expect big flavor from these small beans! Tropical Mango with a slight hint of banana and lots of Chocolate and nut!

The Brazilian Cerrado Natural comes form the State of Minas Brazil and is grown at altitudes of 1,100 meters on a clay-mineral soil. The region is known for producing sweet, and very nutty coffees with Dark Chocolate overtones.

The roasting profile of the Deep Mocha is into the second crack (Italian Roast) to encourage full development of the Chocolate and nut while saving a hint of fruit! We recommend this coffee for use as French Press or for a pour-over.



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