Our Espresso Sampler Kit contains four carefully selected 1/2 lb coffees that work exceptionally well as espressos. This kit includes:

  1. Our Espresso Blend is a lightly roasted blend of the finest Arabica beans from Ethiopia, Brazil and Columbia (or Peru – depending on the growing season. Each coffee is carefully paired to enhance the flavor profile of this wonderful espresso. The Brazilian beans are typically farmed in the Mogiana or Cerrado highlands prized for their sweet Chocolate notes. The Columbian beans brighten the acidity slightly to create a well rounded and complex espresso while the Ethiopian Natural adds a sweet undertone of Berries, Sugar and Cocoa. This is an exceptionally well rounded a sweet chocolaty espresso with absolutely no hints of bitterness. The Crema’ is thick and rich and the flavors are just spectacular! You will love this espresso.
  2. The Mocha Azteca is a lightly roasted blend of our exceptionally rare Yemen Natural with a Brazilian Cerrado Natural. The result is a Sweet, Chocolaty espresso with hints of Mango, Brazil Nut and Caramel. The Acidity is mild to medium but never bright.
  3. The Yemen Mocca Kholani Is an exotic Yemen Natural is an Heirloom coffee widely considered one of the greatest coffees on earth! This superior quality coffee is grown in small family farms passed on from generation to generation on terraced land in the Northern Highlands of Yemen. This wonderful coffee is naturally complex with flavors of Mango, Banana, Dark Chocolate and Peanut. Each element of the flavor profile is balanced and the Banana undertone is typically not discernable to the untrained palate beyond it’s earthy sweetness. You will love this coffee!
  4. The Grand Caturra is our absolute favorite Central American coffee.  Rocketwerx Coffee Roasters has a long standing Farm Direct relationship with Vidita Cafe’ Family owned coffee farms in Nicaragua. The Grand Caturra is our Honey Processed coffee. Honey Processing allows the sweet inner layer of the coffee fruit to dry directly onto the bean. The result is a velvety smooth and naturally sweet coffee with overtones of Vanilla, Caramel, Chocolate, Turbinado and Star Fruit. The Acidity is just above medium but below bright. Expect a slight tingle on the tip of the tongue and a Chocolate / Vanilla finish. The Grand Caturra is a world Class coffee that we here at Rocketwerx are extremely proud to offer!

The Espresso Sampler Kit is a great place to start your Rocketwerx Coffee Roasters journey. Each coffee is expertly prepared and shipped just hours after roasting directly to your door!

Makes a great gift! This Sampler Kit can be sent anywhere in the continental United States. If you have friends and family that love coffee the way that you love coffee then this Sampler Kit will make a great gift! Just be sure to include the name and address of the recipient when you order. We’ll do the rest.


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